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Sage and Smudging Supplies

Sage has been traditionally used to dispel negative energies, and purify and bless people or places. The smoke from sage neutralizes positive ions in our auras and space. Our sage comes from Native American artists and is hand picked in sustainable and traditional manners.  We also carry smudge pots, fanning feathers, sand and charcoal.

Aroma Touch Therapy

Unwind, boost immunity, cleanse, relieve pain and inflammation and promote balance for the body and mind. dōTERRA’s AromaTouch Technique is a clinical approach to applying essential oils. Unlike traditional massage, it utilizes eight oils that promote relaxation and stress relief, offer immune support, decrease pain and inflammation and elevate mood.

Stones and Crystals

We have a diverse collection of crystals and stones for your perusing. Aside from their beauty, stories of the energies of stones and crystals goes back to the beginnings of recorded history. They were used by priests, magi, shamans, alchemists, and witches (just to name a few),  as a tool to aid focus and intent on improving luck, prosperity, and supporting good health. And as an amplifier to connect with the energy of the universe or to ward off negative energy.  


We have a great variety of natural, hand rolled incense, the finest of those being Nature Nature brand. Nature Nature is handcrafted,  hand-rolled and sun dried.  Crafted with all natural resins and pure, high quality essential oils. This is a very long lasting incense  that burns with very minimal smoke.  Each stick can last over an hour of burn time. The aroma is just as intense as the resins they are made of, so one stick may be extinguished and lit several times. 

Handcrafted Goods

Unique  gifts of all kinds. Treat yourself or someone special. Handmade jewelry, photography, wood working, painting, natural homemade soap, crocheted, quilted and embroidered items, up-cycled furniture and household goods.  Most done by local artists and crafters.

Spiritual/Metaphysical Supplies

A wide selection of divination tools such as runes, pendulums, oracle cards, tarot cards and divining rods. Also prayer flags, statues, candles, salt lamps, athames, home decor and inspirational gifts honoring all faiths.  Our inventory is always changing! 

Intuitive Readings

Card readings, Medium readings, Aura~Chakra Photography and Tea Leaf readings. Contact us for further details!


We have books of all genre's, but specialize in offering books that will assist you on your spiritual path. We also offer beautifully hand tooled leather journals with handcrafted paper. Each is a unique work of art.

Space Available

If your an intuitive,  healer,  or massage therapist looking for a professional place to work or hold workshops, we have a space for you! Contact us for further details. 


Happenings you shouldn't miss in the weeks ahead.


Oct 10

Intuitive Readings with Psychic Medium, Tami Goetz  10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Join us on the full Corn Moon for your personal reading! Walk-ins are welcome, however appointments are encouraged as Tami books up quickly. Message us for more info and to schedule your time, or call (715) 610-7256. 15 min - $30, 30 min. - $45, 45 minutes - $60, 1 hour - $75. 

Book Bauble and Blessings. 715 5th Ave, Antigo, WI


Oct 10

Corn Moon Monthly Moon Sale 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Book Bauble and Blessings. 715 5th Ave, Antigo, WI


Oct 10

Book Talk and Past Life Readings by award-winning author, Susan Lukas - 11:00 a.m.

Meet the Love Author Susan Lukas who will talk about two of her novels, Abiding Flame and The Spirit Connection. After her talk, sign up for a past life reading that will help you to understand your life from a happier, more spiritual point of view.

Susan Lukas is an award winning author of five books, artist and psychic medium from Milwaukee, WI. Learn more about her at Read the first chapter of Abiding Flame and download a poster from The Spirit Connection. They will be sold as a set the day of the talk. 

Book Bauble and Blessings. 715 5th Ave, Antigo, WI

From the moment you walk in your senses turn on. The beautiful smells, the creative and unique items for sale, the interesting artistic Mojo of the store, and more!

Angela Z

Very good shop, friendly and serene. My sage purchased worked beautifully for Samhain ritual. Will be back soon. Thank you for opening in this town.

Sheila L

I love this shop!!! Very nice, friendly staff and great atmosphere!!!

Camille C